7 things to do before I am 30
12 dates of christmas
12 men of Christmas
911 nightmare

A Bride's revenge
A carol Christmas
A Christmas to remember
A Christmas wedding tail
A Christmas wish

A connecticut yankee in king arthur's court (1989)
A crush on you
A dash of love
A daughter's deception
A daughter’s nightmare
A daughter's revenge
A deadly adoption
A deadly affair
A deadly vision
A face to die for
A family lost
A family thanksgiving
A father's nightmare
A feeling of home
A friendship to die for
A haunting at silver falls
A killer among friends
A killer among us
A life interrupted
A loss of innocence
A lover betrayed
A lovers revenge
A mother’s crime
A mother’s escape
A mother’s nightmare
A mother’s rage
A mother’s revenge
A mother on the edge
A nanny’s revenge
A neighbor’s deception
A night to regret
A princess for christmas
A Royal Christmas
A secret between friends
A sister’s revenge
A sister's secret
A smile as big as the moon
A snow globe Christmas
A snow white christmas
A stolen life
A surrogate’s nightmare
A taste of romance
A trusted man
A valentine’s date
A very brady christmas
A walk in my shoes
A wedding to die for
A wife’s nightmare
Abandoned and decieved
Abducted carlina white story
Abduction of innocence
Abonimable Snowman
Accidently in love
According to Greta
Accused at 17
Adopting terror
All-american girl the mary kay Letourneau story
Always and forever
Amanda knox: murder on trial
Amber frey:witness to the prosecution
Amber’s story
America’s prince the jfk jr story
American tragedy
Amish grace
An American summer
An amish murder
An officer and a murderer
An unfinished affair-dvd
And baby will fall
Anna nicole
Anne rule’s too late to say goodbye
Another man’s wife
Another woman’s husband
Awake to danger
Baby monitor sound of fear
Babysitter's nightmare
Backyard wedding
Bad blood
Bad stepmother
Bad to the bone
Bad tutor
Battle of the bulbs
Be my valentine
Beauty and the briefcase
Behind the camera: unauthorized charlie’s angels story
Believe me: abduction of lisa mcvey
Beneath the blue
Betrayed at 17
Betty and coretta
Beyond the blackboard
Bitter vengeance
Big Driver
Bigfoot (2012 syfy)
Black hole
Blind injustice
Blood on her hands
Blood sweat and lies
Blue-eyed butcher
Blue Lagoon: The Awakening
Bonnie and Clyde
Born bad
Boyfriend killer

Boyfriend's deceit
Break-up nightmare
Bringing Ashley home
Broken silence
Burden of evil
Buried secrets
Burning passion: Margaret Mitchell story
Cabin by the lake/return to cabin by the lake
Call me crazy: a five film
Casualties of love the long island Lolita story
Chain letter
Chasing leprachaun’s
Cheaters club

Cheer Camp Killer

Cheer Squad Secrets
Christie’s revenge
Christmas bounty
Christmas comes home to Caanan
Christmas cupid
Chronicle Mysteries: The Wrong Man
Chronicle Mysteries: Vines that Bind
Clara’s deadly secret
Clash of the titans
Cleveland abduction
Co-ed call girl
Coming home for Christmas
Confessions of a sorority girl
Cradle of conspiracy

Cradle swapping
Cries unheard the donna yaklich story
Cucuy the boogeyman
Cutting edge 4 fire & ice
D. Macomber’s Trading Christmas
Dangerous intuition
Daniel’s daughter
Dare to love
Dark beauty
Darrow & Darrow
Darrow & Darrow: Body of Evidence
Darrow & Darrow In key of murder
Daughter for sale
Dead at 17
Dead on campus
Deadly Assistant
Deadly delusions
Deadly ex
Deadly Excursion
Deadly encounter
Deadly honeymoon
Deadly inn
Deadly lessons
Deadly revenge
Deadly Shores
Deadly sibling rivalry
Deadly sorority
Deadly spa
Deadly vows
Deadly whispers
Death clique
Death of a cheerleader-1994
Death of a cheerleader 2018
Demons from her past
Desperately seeking santa
Destination infestation
Devil in the flesh 2
Devil’s diary
Dirty teacher
Do you know me?
Doctor foster: a woman scorned
Dog who saved Christmas
Don’t cry now
Don’t wake mommy
Double daddy
Double mommy
Double wedding
Dreamhouse nightmare
Drew Peterson: untouchable
Dying to be loved
Dying to belong
Dying to dance
Earth’s final hours
Eat Play Love
Edge of the garden
Elevator girl
Elvis and Annabelle
Emma Fielding Mysteries: More bitter than death
Emma Fielding Mysteries: Past Malice
Emma Fielding Mysteries: Site Unseen
Empty cradle
Encounter with danger
Escaping dad
Escaping the madhouse: the nellie bly story
Eve’s Christmas
Every Christmas has a story
Everything she ever wanted
Ex wife killer
Exit Speed
Expecting a miracle
Fab five texas cheerleader scandal
Fairfield road
Fall into darkness
Family Pictures
Family plan
Fatal defense
Fatal flip
Fatal Getaway
Fatal honeymoon
Fatal obsession
Fatal reunion
Fatal vows: the Alexandra o hara story


Fear Street 1666

Fear Street pt 1 1994

Fear Street pt 2 1978
Fiancé killer
Field of vision
Fifteen and pregnant
Finding normal
First born
Fish n Loaves
Fixing Pete
Flirting with forty
Flower Shop Mysteries: Dearly Depotted
Flower Shop Mysteries: Mum's the Word
Flower Shop Mysteries: Snipped in the Bud
Flowers in the attic
For my daughter’s honor
For the love of nancy- dvd
Forbidden secrets
Forgotten evil
Freshman fall- DVD
Friends til the end
From straight AAAs to XXX
Fugitive at 17
Game of your life
Garage sale mystery: the deadly room
Girl fight
Girl followed
Girl in bunker
Girl positive
Girl versus monster
Give me your baby
Glass house: the good mother
Good night for justice
Gone in the night
Gone missing
Grave misconduct
Growing pains movie
Growing the big one
Guilty at 17
Hailey Dean Mysteries: 2+2=murder
Hailey Dean Mysteries: Dating is Murder
Hailey Dean Mysteries: Murder, with love
Half a dozen babies
Happy face killer
Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal
Harry & Meghan Becoming Royal Special Edition
Harry & Meghan: Royal Romance
Harvest Love
Hatfield and mccoys (2012 history mini series)
Haunted high
He knows your every move
He loves me
Hello sister goodbye life
Her husband’s betrayal
Her infidelity
Her last chance
Her worst nightmare
Hidden Family Secrets
High school lover
High school possession
His and her Christmas
His perfect obsession
His secret past
Hitched for the holidays
Holiday engagement
Holiday in handcuffs- dvd
Holiday in your heart
Holiday Road Trip
Home invasion
Homecoming Revenge
Homekilling Queen
Hometown Killer
Honeymoon for one
Honeymoon from hell
Hope at Christmas
Hostile makeover
House of bones
House of secrets
House of versace
How to fall in love
How to marry a billionaire
I almost married a serial killer
I am Elizabeth smart
I am somebody's child: Regina Louise Story
I killed my BFF
I killed my BFF: Preacher’s daughter
I married who?
I yabba dabba do!
Ice spiders
Identity theft the michelle brown story
If looks could kill the john Hawkins story
If someone had known-dvd
If there be thorns
If you believe
Imaginary friend
Imaginary playmate
In bed with a killer
In the dark
In the name of love a texas tragedy
Infidelity in suburbia
I’ve been waiting for you
Jersey shore shark attack
Jodi arias: dirty little secret
Jodi Picoult’s Salem Falls
Journey Back to Christmas
Joy fieldings the other woman
Justice for Natalie Holloway
Keeping up with the randalls
Kept woman
Kidnapped: the Hannah Anderson story
Kids in America
Kids in the wood
Killer caregiver
Killer ending
Killer Grandma
Killer High
Killer Inspiration
Killer nightshift
Killer single dad
Killer Vacation
Killing daddy
Kiss at pine lake
Labor pains
Lady killer
Lake placid 3
Last exit
Last hours in suburbia
Leprauchaun’s revenge
Let it shine
Let it snow
Lethal Admirer
Lethal lolita-dvd
Lies and deception
Lies of the heart: story of laurie kellog
Live once die twice
Liz and dick
Liz: the Elizabeth taylor story
Lizzie borden took an axe
Locked in
Long lost son
Look again
Love’s abiding joy
Love’s Christmas journey
Love’s unending legacy
Love at first glance
Love comes softly
Love don’t cost a thing
Love in Design
Love in the Sun
Love, lies and murder
Love notes
Love of course
Love under the rainbow
Love unleashed
Love you to death
Lucky christmas
Lying eyes
Madonnna: innocence lost
Magic of ordinary days
Make it happen
Manny dearest
Marriage of lies
Marrying Mr Darcy
Mason’s lost girls
Maternal instinct
Maternal obsession
Mean girls 2
Meddling mom
Meet my mom
Megachurch murders
Megapython vs gatoroid
Mending fences
Menendez : Blood Brothers
Midwest obsession-dvd
Mini’s first time
Missing at 17
Mistletoe over manhattan
Mistress hunter
Mommy be mine
Mommy group murder
Mommy I didn’t do it
Mommy would never hurt you
Mommy’s little boy
Mommy's little princess
Moonlight and mistletoe
More of me
More sex and the single mom
Most wonderful time of the year
Mother knows best
Mother may I sleep with danger?
Mr. hockey gordie howe
Murder at my door
Murder in my mind
Murder in new hampshire
Murder in the mirror
Murder of princess Diana
Murder on the 13th floor
Murder she baked: a chocolate chip cookie mystery
Murder She baked:plum pudding
Murder in law
Murdered at 17
Murderous affair the caroyln warmus story
My boyfriend back: Wedding March 5
My brother’s war
My Christmas dream
My daughter is missing
My evil stepdad
My fake fiancé
My family’s secret
My first wedding
My gal sunday
My husband's secret wife
My killer client
My mom's letter from heaven
My mother's split personalities

My Secret Billionaire
My stepfather's secret
Mystery Woman: Mystery Weekend
Mystery Woman: Snapshot
Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery
Nanny express
Nanny seduction
New York prison break
Newlywed and dead
Nicky deuce
Nightmare at the end of the hall
Nightmare nurse
Nightmare Tenant
Nightmare wedding
Ninja assasin
No brother of mine
No one would tell- dvd/dvd-r
No one would tell 2018
Nora robert’s angels fall
Nora Robert’s Carnal Innocence
Nora robert’s high noon
Normal life
Northpole: Open for Christmas
Notes from the heart healer
Obsessed (1992)
Odd girl out
Of two minds
Off the rails
On strike for christmas
On the edge of innocence
One hot summer
One small indiscretion
Panic button
Party mom
Past obsessions
Perfect Match
Perfect on paper
Petals on the wind
Philadelphia experiment
Picture Perfect Mysteries: newlywed and dead
Poison ivy :the secret society
Possessing piper rose
Pregnant and deadly
Pregnant at 17
Presumed dead in paradise
Pretty poison
Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta
Prince of Persia: sands of time
Prince William
Profile for murder
Prosecuting Casey Anthony
Psycho Granny
Psycho in law
Psycho Stripper
Puppy love
Queen sized
Reckless behavior caught on tape
Remember Sunday
Restless virgins
Revenge of the bridesmaids
Riding the bullet
Rise of the zombies
Rock the house
Romeo killer: chris porco story
Romy and michelle in the beginning
Room for murder
Rosemary’s baby (mini series 2014)
Run for your life
Running away
Safe harbor
Sailing into love
Santa baby
Santa baby 2
Santa jr
Saving my baby
Second chances
Secret Admirer
Secret lives
Secret santa
Secrets from her past
Secrets in a small town
Secrets in suburbia
Secrets in the walls
Secrets of my stepdaughter
Secrets of the mountain
Secrets of the sisterhood
Secrets of the summer house
Seduced and betrayed
Seduced by a killer
Seduced by a stranger
Seduced by my neighbor
Seeds of yesterday
Selling innocence
Seven deadly sins (dvd)
Seventeen and missing
Sex, lie and obsessions
Sex and the single mom
Sexting in suburbia
Shadow of fear


Sharknado 2: the second one

Sharknado 3: oh hell no
Sharon’s secret
She fought alone-dvd
She made them do it
She’s no angel
She’s too young
Silencing mary
Silent killer
Single white female 2
Sinister minister
Sins and Seduction
Sins of the mother
Sister of Bride
Sleeping with the devil
Sleepwalking in suburbia
Smart cookies
Smurfs and the magic flute
Social nightmare
Sole custody
Someone to love me
Sorority Stalker
Sorority wars
Sound of music live (2013)
Stalker club
Stand against fear
Stalked at 17
Stalked by my ex
Stalked by my mother
Stalked by my neighbor
Stalked by my patient
Stalker’s prey
Status unknown
Steel magnolias 2012
Stephen king’s bag of bones
Stephen king’s desperation
Stockholm, pennsylvania
Stolen child
Story of a girl
Stranger in my bed
Stressed to Death
Striking poses
Student seduction
Suburban Swingers Club
Sugar daddies
Suicide note
Sundays at tiffany’s
Super shark
Swearing allegiance(texas cadet murder)-dvd
Sweet dreams
Switching goals
Table for three
Taken back: finding haley
Taken for ransom
Taken from me: tiffany rubin story
Taken in broad daylight
Taken: search for sophie parker
Tall hot Blonde
Teen spirit
Tell me no secrets
Tempting Fate
Ten: murder island
Terror in the woods
Text to kill
Til ex do us part
Til lies do us part
Time of death
Titanic 2
The amy fisher story-dvd
The art of murder
The assault
The bachelor next door
The bad seed
The beast
The bling ring
The boy next door
The boy she met online
The brady girls get married
The Brittany murphy story
The brooke ellis story
The carpenter’s miracle
The cheating pact
The cheerleader murders
The Christmas ornament
The client list
The Convienent Groom
The craigslist killer
The dead will tell
The devil’s teardrop
The disappearance of Christina
The education of Charlie banks
The eleventh victim
The engagement ring
The face on the milk carton
The girl in the bathtub
The girl next door
The girls room
The good mother
The grim sleeper
The haunting of sorority row
The hazing secret
The hunt for the I-5 killer
The husband she met online
The inherited
The Jensen project
The killer downstairs
The killer next door
The killing pact
The killing secret-dvd
The last Bridesmaid
The last cowboy
The lake
The lost wife of Robert durst
The lost valentine
The lottery
The lover in the attic
The makeover
The murder of princess Diana
The nanny is watching
The new world
The nightmare nanny
The note 2: take a chance on love
The oj simpson story-dvd
The other mother
The other woman
The party never stops
The pastors wife
The perfect daughter
The perfect husband
The perfect marriage
The perfect roommate
The perfect soulmate
The perfect stalker
The perfect teacher
The preacher’s daughter
The preacher’s mistress
The pregnancy pact
The pregnancy project
The psycho she met online
The rachels
The rendering
The resident
The rival
The secret
The secret life of Marilyn monroe
The seven year hitch
The Sinister Surrogate
The Spirit of Christmas
The stepson
The stranger beside me-dvd
The surrogacy trap
The surrogate
The sweeter side of life
The Sweetest Christmas
The 10th circle
The three gifts
The toyman killer
The twin
The Twisted Son
The two mr. kissels
The ultimate lie
The unspoken truth-dvd
The watcher in the woods
The Watsons go to birmingham
The wife he met online
The wrong affair
The wrong bed: Naked Pursuit
The wrong child
The wrong crush
The wrong daughter
The wrong girl
The wrong house
The wrong mother
The wrong nanny
The wrong neighbor
The wrong roommate
The wrong son
the wrong stepmother
The wrong student
The wrong teacher: back to school
The wrong woman
The wronged man
This time around
Thorne: Scardy-cat
Thorne: sleepyhead
Three days
Three weeks, three kids
Tiger Eyes
Titanic miniseries (abc)
To have and to Hold
Trapped sisters
Treasure island (syfy)
True confessions of a Hollywood starlet
Trump unauthorized
Truth be told
To be fat like me
Tonya and nancy
Too young to die?-dvd
Trapped: buried alive
True bloodthirst
Twin Betrayal
Two came back
Unanswered prayers
Under the bed
Undercover bridesmaid
Unleashing Mr Darcy
Unwanted guest
Very Very Valentine
Victoria Gotti:my father's daughter
Violation of trust
Walking the halls
Wall of secrets
Walters at the white house
We have your husband
Web cam girls
Wedding at graceland
Wedding planner mystery
What she knew
When innocence is lost
When murder calls
Whispers and lies
Whisper of fear
Who killed Alison parks?
Who is Simon miller?
Why my daughter?
Wild child
William and Catherine: a royal romance
William and Kate
Willing to kill the texas cheerleader story
Window wonderland
Winter Love Story
Without consent
Woman on the run
Wrong swipe
Wuthering high school
Yes I do
You belong to me
You killed my mother
Your baby is mine
Your husband is mine
Zoe gone
Zombie at 17

Zombie Tidal Wave