WWF amd WCW Collections
Personal Collection of Wrestling Personalities of careers and highlights from WWF/WCW 80s & 90s. features rare and hard to find footage. please email for match listings or dvd info if available. will be updated regularly. 

1. THE MEGA POWERS Career Set (4 dvd set) 
     featuring: Macho Man Randy Savage, Miss Elizabeth( manager), and Hulk Hogan
     time range : sept 1987-march 1989 
     quality: fair to excellent​​​

2. WWF Macho Man Randy Savage 28 disc career set 
    featuring Macho Man Randy Savage
    time range:  June 1985-​​ April 1994
    quality: fair to excellent ​

3. WCW Macho Man Randy Savage 12 disc career set
    featuring: Macho Man Randy Savage
    time range: 1994-1999
    quality: fair to excellent

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